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  • An absorbing serum for daily use before applying make up, derived from sustainably sourced Chestnut Tree Bark, this delivers versatility to the skin in an eco-friendly formulation. Absorbed easily into the skin, without leaving a greasy feel.

    Why Algapur?

    Algapur is a Highly stable bio-based oil containing over 90% of beneficial Omega-9 (oleic acid) that helps protect and strengthen the skin (and hair, including eyebrows).


    Collagen type 1 - a 58% increase when compared to untreated skin.
    Elastin - an 82% increase compared to untreated skin.

    Sun Damage/Repair:
    MTT Assay - a 26% increase in cell viability after UVB exposure when compared to untreated skin.
    TT Dimer Assay - a 40% decrease of the signs of UV induced cell damage when compared to untreated skin.

    Long Lasting Moisturisation - up to 35% increase of skin moisturisation over a 24hour period when compared to untreated skin.

    Retinol Protection. When used in combination with retinol treatments.

    Skin Suitability: Naturally derived this should suit all skin types.

    Facial Serum Algapur High Oleic 30ml

    • Highlights:

      • Eco-friendly formulation
      • Easy absortion
      • 90% Omega-9 (oleic acid)
      • Protect skin
      • Anti-ageing
      • Sun damage/repair
      • Long Lasting Moisturisation 
      • Retinol Protection
      • Suitabilite for all skin types
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