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Anti Wrinkle Injections

Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles

Why Anti Wrinkle Injections?

There are two things guaranteed in life: death and wrinkles.


Ageing is unescapable but your wrinkles don't have to be!

As you get older, your skin naturally become less elastic, producing prominent lines and wrinkles usually around the forehead area, eyes and mouth area.


Our anti wrinkle injections are a great way to soften lines and combat those telltale signs of ageing to knock a significant amount of years of your life.

Injectable anti-aging treatments are a quick and painless way to smooth out those lines on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth without any need for surgery.

You will benefit from natural results for months to come after treatment. 

In iSkin Clinic, we offer injectable genuine products, in a clinical environment performed by highly qualified medical professionals.

Take the first step to restoring your youthful appearance by booking a free consultation with one of beauty practitioners at our skin clinic in Huyton, Liverpool.

botox teeth grinding.png

Wave goodbye to teeth grinding!

Injecting small doses of anti - wrinkle injections (botulinum toxin) directly into the masseter muscle (the jaw), will help relax the jaw and weakens the muscle enough to stop habitual grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw.

Botulinum toxin can also be injected under the arms to stop excessive sweating.


It works by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands to stop excessive sweating.

Suffering from sweaty hands?

We know that having constantly sweaty hands can make everyday things such as shaking hands, using a computer or holding a pen much more challenging.

This condition is known as palmar hyperhidrosis and thankfully can be treated with anti- wrinkle injections.

Anti - wrinkle injections work by reducing the nerves ability to send signals to the sweat glands, therefore significantly reducing sweat production.

It is a very effective treatment for primary hyperhidrosis sufferers. 


Please note that this is not the cure for hyperhidrosis and regular treatments (usually every three to six months) will be required to maintain the benefits.


However, it is a safe and effective way of managing the condition.

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Before & After Gallery

Take a look at some of our life changing results for our patients...





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Anti-Wrinkle Prices

Look young again for an affordable price.

20% off all anti-wrinkle injections sessions for a limited time!

Book now to avoid disappointment.

Pay Monthly

Can't afford to pay for your treatment in one go? Split your payments with our monthly payment plans.



Pay as you go (per session)

Pay Monthly (direct debit)

Pay In One (Save ££)

1 Year of Anti Wrinkle Injections for 3x Area (1x session every 3 months)

12 months




1 Year of Anti Wrinkle Injections for Full Face (1x session every 3 months)

12 months




Membership Perk: Get a £100 Gift Voucher to spend at iSkin Clinic when you sign up to our pay monthly scheme.


Book your FREE anti-wrinkle

so we can truly understand your concerns and needs.

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  • What are Anti-wrinkle injections?
    Anti-wrinkle injections uses a natural protein to temporarily relax muscles and prevent the formation of lines and creases that occur when muscles contract.
  • How do Anti-wrinkle injections work?
    Anti-wrinkle injections temporarily block the release of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a chemical substance that is released from nerve endings. It transmits signals to the muscle causing the muscle to contract. By blocking the release of acetylcholine, the muscle is unable to contract fully. This prevents creasing, as the muscles will not move.
  • Are Anti-wrinkle injections safe?
    The chemical substance used has been around around since the 1980s to treat a number of muscle spasms related issues. Treatments are completely safe when they are delivered by a trained and qualified practitioners.
  • How long till I see an effect?
    Anti-wrinkle treatments usually take 2 to 5 days to take effect, and the full effect is usually visible after 10 - 14 days.
  • How long do the effects last for?
    The effects usually last for 3 - 6 months.
  • Are there any side effects?
    The most common side effects is redness and swelling at the injections points immediately after the procedure. However, this usually lessens an hour post treatment. Bruising may occur. Some people experience mild headaches, which can be supressed with painkillers such as paracetamol.
  • What should I do after treatment?
    To help reduce the accidental spread to neighboring muscle groups, we recommend that you avoid lying flat for 4 hours, post-treatment and avoid the following activities for around 24 hours: Rubbing or massaging the area treated Vigorous exercise Any “facial” beauty treatments. Contact us 14 days after the procedure if a ‘touch-up’ is needed. Click here to see our full list of aftercare instructions

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