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2 For 1 Summer Glow Up Facial!

Restore your glow for HALF the price with our bespoke facial 2 for 1 offer.

This means you will pay £155 for two Bespoke facial sessions!

What's included?

🌟 Hydra-dermabrasion to brighten and hydrate skin​

🌟 Radio frequency to remove fine lines and wrinkles

🌟 CO2 exfoliation to cleanse the skin of dead skin cells

🌟 LED therapy to reduces pores and inflammation

🌟 Massage chair for a relaxing wind down​

Key benefits?

✔️ Revive dull complexion

✔️ Restore youthful glow

✔️ Revitalise dull skin

✔️ Reduce signs of ageing

✔️ Smoother / firmer skin

✔️ Plumps & hydrates skin

✔️ Immediate results

✔️ Zero downtime

✔️ Safe for any skin type

A second session will help you maintain your glow across summer!









What our clients are saying...

Not sure what facial to go for? Book a FREE

so we can suggest the best treatment for you.


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What's included in consultation?

✔️ Medical history assessment

✔️ Visual skin analysis

✔️ Expert advice

✔️ Tailored solution

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Frequent Questions

How much does the Bespoke facial cost?

Our bespoke facial costs £155. Book now and get two sessions for £155.

What's included in the Bespoke facial?

Hydra-dermabrasion, radio frequency, CO2 exfoliation, LED therapy, massage chair.

How long till I see results?

Results will be visible immediately after treatment, however will take 3 - 5 days to see full results. Results usually last for several weeks. Our 2 for 1 offer will ensure your skin is glowing for the duration of summer.

How long does treatment last?

Treatment usually lasts around 90 minutes and is finished with a complimentary massage chair session to give you some time to wind down and relax. 

What are some of the benefits?

Benefits include plumped and hydrated skin, restored skin volume, renewed glow, revitalised dull complexion, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, firmer skin, reduced appearance of pigmentation and pores.

Who is it best suitable for?

It is best for people who have dull complexions, acne prone skin, dehydrated skin, uneven skin tone, irregular textures, ageing skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Do you need a consultation?

No consultation is required prior to facial treatment. However, it is recommend so that we can get a better understanding of your skin or exact condition so we can suggest the most suitable treatment for you.


More offers?

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Last Chance!

Our 2 for 1 bespoke facial offer will be ending soon meaning this could be your last chance to benefit.


Book now to avoid disappointment!

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